Release: Uraboku Chapter 23: The Frozen Time

A new chapter, yay!!

Very sorry that this is coming to you a whole 2 weeks later than what I had planned (promised), but school started up and I got swept up in it, for the most part, and Uraboku took the brunt of it.

Now, that being said, NO WORRIES. I’m not leaving Uraboku, and I will try my hardest to translate a chapter every week, but do expect them on the weekends, probably on sundays. Ok, sundays it is. Also, i’ll post anything if things get behind schedule, so that no one despairs without info. Cool? Cool.

I’m a full-time student, so cut me some slack, k? ❤

Chapter: 23

Title: The Frozen Time (Touketsu Shita Jikan)

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Synopsis: Takashiro, Yuki and Luka deal with their pasts, present and futures. What will Yuki do, once Takashiro tells him the truth behind their connection?

NOTE: All these chapters I’m releasing, I’ve also uploaded to, for anyone that’s interested in checking them out there. I swear by mangatraders. It’s my favorite place to download manga. Check it out sometime~


First Chapter Release~!!

Hey there, people.

I go by Sakurai Yuki, or Yuki, and I am a one-man scanalating team (I’m a girl, though, hence the insane amount of PINK on this page.)

What does that mean? Well…it means that I will be translating, and doing all the work involved, by myself. Yup, ME, MYSELF, AND I.

That being said, I hope you guys benefit from my obsession with this series, as I have been saddened with the lack of attention this manga received after the anime came out and then the american licensing, which frankly, has nothing to do with what i’m doing because only the 2 first volumes are out, and i’m starting from chapter 22, which is volumes away.

As always, with something of this nature, please delete the fan translations when the licensed volumes are out. Of course, though, I don’t plan on limiting anyone from uploading my work on manga viewing sites like mangafox, mangareader and the like; go ahead. Just be sure to mention me somewhere, kay? ❤

Alrighty! Then here is chapter 22 for you guys to enjoy!

Chapter: 22

Title: Traces (Akashi)

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Synopsis: Yuki-chan and the gang make the trip to the main residence, but a spot of trouble brews on the way.

What waits for Yuki at the Giou mansion? How will he react to the truth? Read and find out!




Next Chapter: 23

Expect 23 to come out in a week or so, depending on how the first days of school go.

Trust me, though: I’m not dropping this series anytime soon, so stick with me! 😀


EDIT: Halfway done translating 23. From here on, it’s just finishing that up, cleaning, and then type-setting/QC. It should be out in the next 2 days or so. (In my downtime, i’ve been playing SNES games. Ahh, yes, I have a lot of time right now, hahahaha.)

Also, please, whenever possible, do leave me a comment! I’d love to hear from you guys, and I always appreciate knowing what I could do better, what you think and so on. Since I am alone in this, your feedback makes all the difference, so thanks in advance!